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Umbrellas and Skin Cancer

by Barry Fach |

Did you know that umbrellas aren't just for the rain?  Studys have shown that exposure to the sun's uv rays can increase the chances of getting skin cancer.  Why not use a Fashion Umbrella to cut down on the uv rays you are exposed to.  Below you will find an article about using umbrellas to help block those harmful uv rays from the sun.                                                             

Sure, you pull that umbrella out of the closet when skies are stormy. But have you ever considered reaching for it on sunny days, too?

As it turns out, carrying an umbrella on warm summer days can protect your skin from harmful UV rays, according to a new pilot study from Emory University School of Medicine. Researchers evaluated the abilities of 23 different umbrellas at blocking UV radiation, and found that all of the umbrellas blocked at least 77% of damaging rays. 

In fact, that makes umbrellas almost as effective as sunscreen where UV protection is concerned. But don’t take the findings as license to stop slathering on the white stuff. Even though umbrellas score points over sunscreen for not needing to be reapplied or applied correctly in the first place, experts say the sun shades do best as a parallel form of protection. “Umbrellas aren’t perfect, so you should use them to complement the sunscreen you’re already wearing,” say study authors Josette McMichael, MD, and Suephy Chen, MD, MS.

 Reprinted from Prevention Magazine